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Cooperatives are unique,purpose driven that provide quality service to members and consumers,sustain communities,enterprises and individuals through locally rooted businesses,and empower economic democracy through ownership and participation.Cooperative businesses are flexible and responsive.The model allows the development of new cooperatives to meet the needs of rural communities impacted by lack of investment and globalization as well as workers displaced by technology. Existing cooperatives adapt the model to meet their changing competitive landscape.

The Co-operative Conference Bihar 2020 is an opportunity for all cooperatives to discuss innovations and share best practices in governance,communications,community involvement, education and cooperation among cooperatives.

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a voice for cooperative business

strengthening member-owned businesses and the communities they impact

Raising awareness of cooperative impact

Building an inclusive economy

Providing resources for every co-op sector

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cooperative movements

The cooperative movement in India has its origin in agriculture and allied sectors. The first Cooperative Credit Societies Act was enacted in 1904.Subsequently a more comprehensive legislation called the Cooperative Societies Act was enacted. This Act provided for the creation of the post of registrar of cooperative societies and registration of cooperative societies for various purposes and audit. Under the Montague- Chelmsford Reforms of 1919 cooperation became a provincial subject and provinces were authorized to make their own cooperative laws. Under the Government of India Act 1935 cooperatives were treated as a provincial subject. The 'Cooperative Societies' is a state subject under entry No 32 of the State List of the Constitution of India.

In order to cover cooperative societies with membership from more than one province, the Government of India enacted the Multi-Unit Cooperative Societies Act 1942.This Act dealt with incorporation and winding up of cooperative societies having jurisdiction in more than one province. A need was felt for a comprehensive Central legislation to consolidate laws governing cooperative societies. Read More

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